Welcome to Own That Body!

I’m Marlo.

I’m a writer and a talker. So I’m going to try and keep this as brief as possible!
I am a 23 year old daughter, wife, sister, friend, lover, dancer, writer, small-business owner, and creative soul.

I also happen to be on a journey of self-love and discovery. In my 23 short years of life, my perception of who I am, what I’m worth, and what I can give the world has been negatively skewed and distorted by a huge number of factors – all to do with how I look. Because, whether we like it or not, the world we live in today gives power, status, appreciation, love, adoration and glory to those who look a certain way and fit into a certain mould.

And the rest of us? Well… All too many of us know the issues that ensue when this realisation becomes all too overpowering and manifests itself in our lives in a way we have no control over.

To cut a long story short; body shaming, sexual abuse, deception within relationships – all assisted me in developing a view of myself that I have carried into adult hood. 

All of these traumas and indecencies enacted against me also lead what has now been a 6 year ongoing battle with cripplingly low self-esteem, body dysmorphia, anxiety, and anorexia.

But here I am now, starting ‘Own That Body’ as a resource to assist YOU in not only advocating for yourself, but for body positivity, HAES (health at every size), and to stick it to diet culture, once and for all.

I hope you stick around.



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