Ok, let’s just use mainstream media to fuel rape culture *sarcasm*

Looks horrific right? Yep. These images are from the Bon Appetite film clip by Katy Perry.

A woman bound and gagged, ready to serve as a pleasurable experience for men.

If that doesn’t scream RAPE CULTURE then I don’t know what does.

As a sexual abuse survivor, this shit is absolutely not cool to see perpetuated in our mainstream media.
A woman having her top torn from her, as she’s tied to the chair. again, sexual domination of the male where the woman can’t do anything to stop it.

And what is it teaching young boys, that this is ok? This is how you treat women?

The rest of the clip basically tells girls they need to be sexy and just give themselves up, to be able to serve their purpose in the world (to please men and be there for their pleasure).


Excuse the language, but what the fuck. No Katy, that’s not on. This makes me furious!

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