Privilege – who has it and who doesn’t?

  Take a second to think, what do you think of when I say that world, privilege? Do you think of a wealthy person, living in a beautiful home on the water, driving an expensive car, dressing in luxurious brands, sending their children to private schools? Is that what you consider as privilege? Because I’ll… Continue reading Privilege – who has it and who doesn’t?

Comparison: the thief of joy

Why do we compare ourselves? To our friends. Our colleagues. Our siblings. Our parents. Our lover’s past lovers. What can it possibly achieve for us? How can we truly compare two people – two people who are unique individuals, unlike any others on the planet? Why do we subject ourselves to the torture of internally scrutinizing ourselves, based on what we see others doing, having, saying, wearing, eating, playing, buying, etc…. Different is good. Remember that.